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Nomadic Retail

Getting customers to come to you often takes more than a perfect product; it takes a lifestyle. If you build it, they will come.

"It’s a differentiation factor among competition and a way to become an industry innovator."

Retailers are rethinking static shopping in efforts to connect on a more personal level with consumers in their daily lives. While Ecommerce has provided ease and convenience, customers still crave a unique brand experience. Classic brick-and-mortar is approaching a traditional apex and it is time to start looking for ways to heighten the in-store experience. Some are taking to the design drawing board and are turning their stores into Instagrammable, and even mobile, destination points. We already know that consumers would rather shop from their bedroom, so how do we give them a reason to come to us and get connected? The store and brand itself needs to be just as desirable as the product to accommodate a creatively evolving consumer.

Key Drivers

Consumers, often millennials, seek out new and engaging experiences that relates to their personal lives. This is how brands can tell their stories through innovative, personally captivating ideas. An aesthetically pleasing location, interior design, and interactive elements are exciting ways to get the consumer out of the house and into the store.

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